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The Enablers

“The old saying goes you can’t help everybody. We must let people walk their own journey and stop sabotaging what God is trying to show them. We unknowingly block the process.”

There are two definitions of an enabler a person or thing that makes something possible and a person who encourages or enables negative self-destructive behavior in another. Are you that family member that a particular person calls if they’re in financial trouble or have done something wrong and you’ve bailed them out continuously? Well you are an enabler. I don’t think we purposely enable. We just don’t want that person to suffer. Yet if someone continues with repetitive behavior, then we must let them find their way. I found myself continuously bailing people out and I was not allowing God to help them on their journey. I noticed when I continued to enable, I found myself receiving negative energy from the universe. We must get out the way sometimes and let God guide them toward their path.

Galatians 6:5 “For each will have to bear his own load.”


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